Our Difference

Profile of Design is committed to a sustainable future and we place great emphasis on recycling materials. Doing so delivers advantages across society, and also directly benefits the clients for which we design and build commercial and office fitouts.

According to the 2016 National Waste Report, in 2014-15 Australia produced 64 million tonnes of waste – equivalent to 2.7 tonnes of waste per capita.

58% of this total was recycled while nearly all of the remainder (40%) was classified as ‘disposal’ which in all States in Australia equates to landfill.

Only 2% of the total was energy-recovered.

Profile of Design believe it is in everyone’s interest for this to change. The shift to recycling needs to gain further momentum – for both environmental reasons and clear economic advantages.

We know that quality furniture can be recycled multiple times, reducing landfill each time it is used instead of new furniture, and it can be much more innovative (and more fun) to upcycle items to suit each client’s needs.

We can take in furniture from clients, store it, and subsequently specify it on future projects – and our intake process includes upfront assessment, grading and storage of furniture that can be re-used.

Any components or items that cannot be salvaged due to damage, we will recycle (or scrap where there is no recycle option).

This process ensures that, on average, we can recycle around 85% of all furniture we take in.